Money Is Just A Tool

Money is nothing more than a tool that allows for the transfer of value between two parties. A tool that we would struggle without. In fact, you could look at money as a metric of performance. Think of each slip of paper as a certificate of achievement! You achieve more as you win more! As you become more successful in life, you achieve more money!

We all want to earn more money!

To achieve more money, you must provide your fellow man with a good or service that he values more than the actual money itself. Capitalism is the mechanism that allows for this. Capitalism is about free trade, and free trade is about providing goods and services for your fellow man. People do not work because they love their fellow man, but because they want to earn more money! We all want to earn more money!

To improve your life, to improve the life of your family and to live a free life, you need more money. To truly live a life of freedom, you must be wealthy. Do you want to know how to become wealthy? You must simply provide value to others around you. Give them something that they need or desire. There is nothing more charitable than that!

Capitalism and money are like charity done right! The richest around us are rich for a reason. They did not just roll out of bed one morning and find a pile of money besides them. They earned the money by providing to society and society rewarded them with money. The only people you hear bashing the rich and wealthy are usually the loser types who have no money. So, don’t get jealous and simply earn more money!

Good business has improved the lives of billions of people, and these people have in turn rewarded the good business with a ton of money. Money has come flooding into the bank accounts of Apple, Microsoft, Google, Nestle, the list is endless! So be thankful for these great businesses for improving and enriching the lives and standard of living for the great masses.

There is nothing more powerful than the power to vote with your wallet!

As a consumer, you vote with your wallet and these companies would not exist if they did not provide you with what you truly need or desire. They would go bankrupt! They would not earn the certificate of achievement (money) and would lose if not for you the consumer. There is nothing more powerful than the power to vote with your wallet!

From high-end electronics, fancy clothing, tasty food, and nice cars. Capitalism is the engine that provides for this. An engine that is relentless and works 24/7. You the consumer are spoilt. Spoilt with a choice. The choice to vote with your wallet and buy whatever you wish at whatever price. You the consumer have more sovereignty. Sovereignty is about control and power. Control and power over your life and to live it as you see fit.

So, exercise your sovereignty and vote with your wallet in the shops and online. Vote with your dollars, pounds, euros, or Bitcoin and don’t be jealous of the rich for being successful. Feel free to join in and provide to society with the products that they need and desire. You can stay poor or become rich by following that simple rule. The rule to provide what society wants.

Voting with your wallet is like economic democracy, and every vote truly counts. Every dollar, pound, euro, or Bitcoin is the same, which is why each business will battle for your hard-earned money. They battle with new products, products that fill a niche, products that provide value, products that provide luxury. The list is endless. We have never lived in a freer time where we can earn what we want, buy what we want, live where we want. We are truly free!

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