Is Discipline the key to Success?

Discipline is a hard one to crack! You must train your brain to accept something new and foreign. Something you may not enjoy or like. Is this a problem? For the slobs and the undisciplined amongst us, yes, it is. For anyone else who wishes to grow through life and not just aimlessly go through life, discipline is key to success. Success is the name of the game if you want to win in society.

Discipline, in this context, is the art of self-control and not being dictated to by your impulses or feelings. There is a constant battle between your heart and your brain. Between your emotions and logic. There is only one problem! Your heart and emotions are a fallacy. A figment of your imagination. There is what is going on inside your head and how you feel, and then there is what is happening for real in the real world. These are two different things.

There is a constant battle in your brain between fact and fiction. Unfortunately for most, fiction and fallacy often win. Why? Because it is easier to lie to yourself than to admit the truth. Your heart and feelings are like a dirty suicide bomber trying to attack democracy and capitalism. It is constantly there trying to attack the greater good and sabotage you into submission. But how do we treat terrorism in the west? We do not give in to terrorism!

How should we treat our impulses and feelings? With disdain and distrust. We should treat our impulses for what they are. They are fleeting and not worthy of notice. We need only to ignore these impulses and success will come flooding in to all aspects of life. From wealth and health, by ignoring your primal instincts, you will live the life you need. By living the life you need, you will be more informed, rational, and will live a life of abundance and freedom.

This will take time and will be a long journey for most, depending on upbringing. For those of you brought up in the ‘yolo’ generation, you will have to train yourself to follow a new path. A path that is opposite to the path of least resistance. The path of most resistance. This path is hard, but is the most rewarding. It will be an epic journey, a journey and a story to be proud of.

How do you start on this path? You start by taking one step at a time. You start by doing the little things in life that matter. Have a look around you! What is your environment like? Is it a mess? If so, start small by tidying up. Just one surface at a time until you get used to the action. What is your health like? A fat blubbery mess? If so, start small by cutting out the fun foods little by little and moving more to burn more calories. What is your wealth like? Piss poor? If so, start small by saving 10% of your wage a month and paying off debts.

It needn’t be hard, and over time, you will get more efficient in this process, and it will have a compound effect. You will get ruthlessly efficient, and discipline will take control and affect over your life. Discipline can be a great ally if used wisely to progress forward in life. It is this discipline that can lead to consistency and great habits. I have seen the undisciplined live a life of regret, but I have never seen the disciplined live a life of repentance and remorse.

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