Your Calories Are Like a Budget

Why would I ‘spend’ my calories like an idiot?

The thought dawned on me today that you must treat your calories like a budget if you are to succeed in your weight loss quest. I was in town having a haircut, and when paying the barber, I opened my wallet to look at the cash. When staring at the notes in my wallet, I was visualizing the expense from the total that I had. It was then that the thought smacked me in the face and made me realize that your total daily allowance of calories is exactly like a budget.

I am good at managing money, and yet this simple thought had not really occurred to me before. You must treat your daily calorie allowance exactly as you treat your daily spending budget. With vigilance and wisdom! I do not like to spend my cash like an idiot, so why would I ‘spend’ my calories like an idiot?

You should be wise with your expenditure and wise with your calories. You should not spend your money like a child with its pocket money or consume your calories like a pig. It is revolting and not for someone strong in mind and character. I was guilty of gluttony in the past, but I will not be guilty of greed now.

If you want to survive and thrive, mental strength is key. It is the mental strength that makes the frugal, rich and wealthy. It is the mental strength that makes the calorie conscious lean, mean, and ready to take on the world! If an aesthetic body is what you desire, you must visualize your daily calories like a wallet full of cash that can quickly deplete if spent on crap.

If you spend your cash on pointless gadgets and frivolous goods, you become poor, right? So what would happen if you spent your daily calories on fast food and gluttonous food? You become big like a pig. Your waistline will expand into oblivion, and you will feel the shame deep down, knowing that you did the wrong thing and not the right thing.

The right things in life are never easy to do, and the wrong things are always too easy to do. It is easy to gorge on chocolates, burgers, chips, and more. But it is never easy to stop and think before you eat. Next time you think about spending your calories like a lottery winner spends cash on Ferraris and mansions, just stop. Step back and realize that there is more to life than mindless eating.

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