When and Why Not to Miss a Gym Training Session

When training at the gym discipline is the name of the game. It is discipline that will cart your ass to the gym to train your body, mind and soul. When at the gym you feel energetic, invigorated and on fire! When leaving the gym, you feel alive! Alive to crack on with your whims and desires and tackle anything the world can throw at you.

I have rarely ever felt worse after an invigorating gym session. There is something about the discipline and consistency of it all that motivates me and uplifts me. There is nothing like squatting, deadlifting and bench pressing to make you feel connected to your body. You can feel your mind and body become one.

Every session is a unique challenge and will bring its own unique rewards. From the strength to the new muscle mass you will acquire, your body will thank you for the consistency with a new, sharper, leaner physique. I have only ever had a sloppy body and a poor posture when my training has died or declined. When training like a pro my back feels tight and strong, my legs feel tense and sharp and my chest feels pumped and heavy.

Every session is important and is not to be missed. To miss just one will have a knock-on effect. I know because I have been there and done that! There have been times when I have been lazy and have missed one session or more. I have only ever felt regret for that. Instead of feeling regret you can feel pride by simply carting your ass to the gym.

Cart your ass to the gym!

Don’t let one missed day turn to one missed month or even worse, one missed year! Missing the gym will only drag you down. The answer? Cart your ass to the gym! It is funny how most people can make an excuse not to go but rarely an excuse to actually go. Flip that around and only miss the gym if absolutely necessary. Your son is dead? Miss the gym. Your wife just got run over? Miss the gym. Your leg has been amputated? Miss the gym.

It should not be a case of “I feel tired today so let’s just watch Netflix instead”. “Hmm I have a slight headache today so let’s miss the gym”. If you take pride in being healthy and you want to live a long and rewarding life full of discipline and opportunity you must prioritise the gym. The gym will keep you looking young, lean and fit as a fiddle. You will feel more energised in your general life and proud of yourself for what you have achieved with your health and wellbeing.

Missing the gym can have the dreadful effect of strength loss and muscle loss. Yes, missing just one day or two will not cause harm. Even a month might have minimal effect. But why risk what you have achieved by following your lethargy and laziness. If you train regular you gain regular. You gain the strength to progress through the weights and subsequently gain the muscle to sculpt your body. Why risk that by taking the easy path in life? A life of dullness and drowsiness is a life not worth living!

Missing the gym will sap your strength and kill your muscle mass. You will feel weaker and your posture will look sloppy and your muscle mass will shrink leaving you with a dull looking body. You can avoid this by simply carting your ass to the gym! There are far more reasons to go to the gym than to miss the gym. Most gym dwellers look great, sexy and young. Most couch potatoes look like slop. Don’t be one of them!

Missing the gym will kill your mindset and kill your mood. That energy and vitality you gain from training out will slowly drain away leaving you anxious and apprehensive. You will lose your confidence and lose your will. You can avoid that by simply carting your ass to the gym! A killer session can do wonders for you physically and mentally. Confidence can easily be gained from lifting big on squats, deadlifts and bench press. You feel great when you see the iron increasing steadily on these three big lifts. But the most important thing is that you actually go to the gym and put in the effort required.

As you grow your confidence will grow in yourself and your abilities. I remember as a young man when me and my friends first started training out. We didn’t know much but it was an exciting time where we tried our best and gained our best. We put in the maximum amount of effort and we all felt confident in our achievements. The gym will change your mindset and make you realise that anything is possible when you put your focus and effort into an action. It is this action that gives the results. From lifting and destroying weights to achieving other goals in your life such as business, pleasure, wealth and health. Anything is possible when your focus and attention is devoted to an action that can give results.

There were many times when I thought I could not lift heavier or rep more but with enough time and effort I was able to push past those boundaries. Most of the time when you think or feel that you cannot lift more it is simply a mental block. The trick is to steadily increase the weight until you slowly pass the old point of failure. Before you know it, you will be lifting some massive weights and will look and feel like a pro at the gym.

Every day you train, you gain!

So, as you can tell from the above there is very rarely ever a time to miss the gym. To miss the gym shows a lack of discipline and character. By training you will transform your physique and look and feel like a new guy. Missing sessions is a big NO! unless absolutely necessary. You need to change your mindset to accept that it is easier to train than it is to miss a session. Missing sessions will only lead to strength loss and muscle loss over the long run so don’t be one of those guys who is bone idle and undisciplined. Sticking it out will change your mindset and spill over to other aspects of your life and make you realise that life is all about taking action to get results. So always remember every day you train, you gain! You gain not only on the weights, not only with your physique but also your life. You will gain through life and win in life!

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