Is What You Eat Killing You?

As mentioned in a previous post. I once in my life ate like shit and subsequently felt and looked like shit. To all intents and purposes, I was shit! Apologies for being so strong with my words (I’m not really sorry 😉), but I feel it conveys the message better! I ate like slop, and I looked like slop. You could not get me to stop eating! I was like a Henry Hoover on steroids, and instead of sucking up dirt and grime, I was sucking up low quality, high energy foods!

What are low quality, high energy foods? They are the crisps, biscuits, cakes, chocolates, and ice-creams of this world. They are the ones that give you a temporary high (usually in the seconds) and a very long lasting low. They are the ones that sap your energy, kill your charisma, and decimate your physique. You see, when I am slim and aesthetic, I feel great and look great! I perform better in my relationships, work life, love life, hobbies, and every other metric you can image.

The only quality I had was being quickest to the dinner queue!

When I was a young man, I would eat and live on nothing more than low quality, high energy foods. I was slow, sluggish, and I had the personality of a newt. The only quality I had was being quickest to the dinner queue! By chasing the temporary high of these foods, I was sacrificing my long-term needs and wants. I was like a terrorist attacking capitalism. I was killing everything good to fight for the bad. Why do we attack our bodies? Because we are chasing the temporary high/hit of food to make our lives feel better (if only for a short moment).

Let us call these low quality, high energy foods for what they are! Compulsion foods! We feel compelled to eat them. We are like junkies looking for our next hit. Don’t believe me? Try and cut out all the ‘fun’ foods from your diet. See how long you last. Now, I am not saying you need to live like a chastised monk and punish yourself into submission away from fun foods; I am a big advocate for moderation.

But I think food today is in too much abundance and too easy to acquire. I love capitalism/free markets as they have improved our lives immeasurably. But as everything has become easier to acquire, we have lost our way as human beings. As humans, we like to explore and push new boundaries to accomplish and to build so that we can enjoy and thrive. But where is any of that in gobbling down a load of low-quality foods? There is none. That endorphin hit you feel is only temporary and quite frankly not worth the long pain and misery it will cause to you.

Only the other day a young family member of mine was staying at my house (he is only 8), and out of stupid love, I gave him a handful of biscuits. Was this the right thing to do? No! I should have used tough love to make the right decision and only have given him one biscuit or even none. During these moments of clouded judgment, we sometimes make the wrong choices. We need to fight these poor choices like we fight terrorism. We should not succumb to our impulses and poor decisions just like we do not give in to terrorism and threats to our freedoms.

So, what are compulsion foods exactly? They are the foods we feel drawn to not to reach goals and nourish ourselves, but to give a false reward and temporary high. A true reward is not a soft, squidgy belly, a softened jaw line and lack of confidence and charisma, but that is what awaits on the path of greed. So next time you feel compelled to eat the fun foods/compulsion foods, just remember that you will not find happiness in a biscuit packet or chocolate wrapper.

The path of most resistance is always the path to take and will lead to a slimmer you and a better you!

The best foods are the ones that help you smash goals and win in life. You want to climb the ranks of society and grow your wealth and health, don’t you? Well, stop scoffing your chops and start eating like a well-adjusted, well-educated human being. Fun food is for kids, so stop being a man-child and start eating properly. The path of least resistance is a path not worth taking as it leads to jack shit. The path of most resistance is always the path to take and will lead to a slimmer you and a better you! So, what is the secret and magic cure for eating better foods and fewer fun foods? Please follow on for the answer and it may shock you!

Warning! This advice is damn right dangerous! Please do not follow unless you wish to become a sexy, successful, handsome motherfucker. Following this advice will require action, and in today’s society, getting off your ass, working hard, and working smart is frowned upon! Please feel free to do nothing and seek medical advice from a doctor or blame your genetics, thyroid, menopause, pill, or any other politically correct health issue you can think of for what being a lard ass is today.

If you wish to stay a fat ass, then please stop reading! By following this advice, you accept that you will look more pleasing to the eye, you will have more confidence and will develop more charisma. You will perform better in nearly all metrics of life. Now, please bear with me whilst I make up a clever-looking equation for all of this…

Eat less energy (fun foods a.k.a ‘shit’) + Move more (exercise) = Less lard on gluteus maximus (ass)

There it is ladies and gentlemen, this scientific equation that I procured from top end professionals (a.k.a just made up) is the answer to your problems. The answer is simple, and deep down, we all know this. With a little bit of grit and determination, you can be a grown-up, and you can choose to eat less. The easiest way to eat less is to stop eating crap. If it looks like something from a fast-food advert, it is usually not the best choice to make. You should not be eating a sea of beige and brown foods! If you are, you need to question your diet and lifestyle choices.

We all know the correct answer deep down, but choose to pretend that we don’t know. In times not long gone by, our grandparents did not have an abundance of food. They ate purely to survive and thrive. It was a different generation where people were healthier and happier. My grandparents were stunning to look at in their prime, and no doubt were a lot happier with it. They did not have easy access to fun foods that expand your waist and kills your energy.

Combine better eating habits with more exercise, and you are on to a winner. With the abundance of food we have in today’s modern world, we have become misinformed and need to educate ourselves again to the simple facts of life. Food is very easy to access, and unfortunately, we are surrounded by compulsion foods everywhere. These are the brown and beige foods that are packed full of fats and sugar and have a very long shelf life. These are the foods that make the most profit for the food manufacturers as they sell so well. They sell well as they are compulsion foods. Foods of joy and energy. Foods that flood us with endorphins and give us a high. What do you crave more? A salad or a chocolate bar?

It is that endorphin high that you are chasing, but in doing so, you are chipping away at your health. With no health, you will have no wealth. And if you do have wealth, you will not have the health to enjoy it. So, the answer to success is to eat fewer fun foods and move more. Take a walk, a run, a swim (my poison of choice is weight lifting). Over time, you will learn to love it as you get leaner, meaner, and fulfil your needs as a human being. The need to grow and accomplish something! To create something, a new body, a new image, a new self-identity! Whatever it is that you desire, I doubt very much that you will find it in a chocolate bar.

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