Is eating meant to be for fun or for survival? The Answer may Surprise you!

I have a guilty habit to admit too. Sometimes I eat for pleasure! I hate to admit that, but it is true! It is as true as the grass is green, and the sky is blue. But Phill? I hear you ask… Why is this a bad thing? It is bad because we live in a world where food is so abundant we can now eat for fun and not out of need. A mere two weeks ago I succumb to my love and gluttony for chocolate. I have consumed like a pig and now I feel like a pig. If I do not stop I will look like a pig too.

My grandparents told me of a time when they were growing up and never felt full. It sounds crazy, a time when you never felt full! You ate enough to survive and thrive and that was it! There was no abundance of food, no superstores, no convenience foods and people were happier, fitter and more aesthetically pleasing for it. I have seen photos of my grandparents in their youth many decades ago on their marriage day and they looked slim, beautiful and charismatic. It was a golden age where capitalism was creating new opportunities and wealth.

Along the way we have used and abused this new wealth to take the easy option in life and the easy option is not fun! Where is the sense of joy and journey when you are sat on your ass with a gob full of chocolate? There is nothing but guilt and shame in such an action. Do you feel the guilt of gluttony after a binge? Eaters remorse? Then discipline is the answer!

My aim in life is to get healthier and wealthier. Not fat and poor. Have you noticed how the poorest in first world societies are usually unemployed and fat? It is because they are undisciplined. They are undisciplined to make the right choices in life and instead take the easy option, the path of least resistance. Here is a tip! The path of least resistance is usually the wrong path to take. I once lived a life of gluttony as a teenage boy and it was not good.

How did I feel after this? Like a new guy! I looked like a new guy too!

I was lazy and undisciplined, and it showed on my body. I had dimples on my dimples and rolls on my rolls. How did I feel for all of this? Like shit! My body was a run-down mess and I looked like crap. I felt like shit and I looked like shit! Once college life started and vanity and sex appeal kicked in I lost the weight like a ton of bricks. I lost a few stone in little more than a year. How did I feel after this? Like a new guy! I looked like a new guy too!

What was the secret to my success? Discipline! Discipline is the name of the game if you want to succeed. It is what separates the men from the boys and the winners from the losers. I had the discipline to eat less and move more and I lost a shit ton of weight. I wish I could say it was hard, that it took a special diet that you must pay me top dollar for, but the truth is I ate less and moved more.

If you want to get technical I simply ate 1500 calories worth of food a day and I ran for 4 hours a week on a cheap treadmill I bought for £100 at a local catalogue store. That was it, the whole secret to my success summed up in one sentence. That one sentence of knowledge allowed me to cut through lard like a hot knife through butter. I was a new man afterwards and people were astonished by the transformation.

Get off your ass and act today. Discipline yourself and achieve the goals of your dreams.

We all know deep down what the answer is, but we lie to ourselves and take the path of least resistance. My path of least resistance is a gob full of chocolate and any other sugary mass-produced pap I can lay my hands on. Where is the sense of pride and purpose in that? Discipline yourself to follow through with the right actions and choices in life and you will do well with your wealth and health. So here is some advice! (for myself as well) Get off your ass and act today. Discipline yourself and achieve the goals of your dreams.

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