Hunger the Silent Assassin?

Why is hunger like a silent assassin that strikes in the night? Why does it attack us relentlessly when our minds tell us not to eat? Why do we get ambushed by it? At work, at home! It is relentless with its intensity and severity.

There was a time when I was not prepared for the attack of hunger, and I was a fatter, sicker Phill for it. Hunger would attack, and I would be running for the fridge or the shop in an attempt to ward off its assault. This was always in vain as my defense was not good enough. As they say, defense is the best offense!

How did I defend against this? I simply ate low calorie, but heavy mass foods. To simplify this further, I ate the stuff that we should always eat, but fail to get into our diets. I ate plenty of fruits, salads, and vegetables. And that was it! For my main meals, I would eat a meat portion with some starchy carbs or some fibrous carbs. But always remember to eat more fibrous carbs than starchy carbs.

Starchy carbs are your potatoes, rice, bread, and anything of that nature. They are fine in moderation. Your fibrous carbs are even better as they are super low calorie and you can eat a ton without eating too many calories! Your fibrous carbs are your apples, oranges, strawberries, bananas, lettuce, peas, carrots – the list is endless! Always go nuts on your fibrous carbs. In fact, I would go as far as to say that it is impossible to eat too much!

You will know that you are eating well as your meals will look well rounded and like something from a health food advert. It should not look like something from Augustus Gloop’s plate. If you want to look like Augustus Gloop, then go ahead and eat crap, but I guarantee you will also feel like crap! I know I did!

So next time hunger strikes, make sure to grab some low calorie and heavy mass foods. Eat a salad and meat. Eat a couple of apples, eat a bowl of strawberries with a bit of Greek yogurt on top. But be sure not to eat a plate of crap! If you are chomping down on chocolate bars, bowls of ice-cream, or high sugar cereals, you are pretty much doomed to fail.

It can be tough at first. Especially if you have lived a life of greed and sin. If you have sinned by eating too much crap, now is the time to strike back and fight hunger with some nurturing and healthy foods. Think about your goals and that toned body that you dream of. Think about your family and your kids, and how much more energy and vitality you will have if you eat better. There is nothing wrong with a little bit of “fun” foods. But make sure they do not rule or dominate your life!

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