How I Lost 3.3KG (7.27 LBS) in Just 4 Little Weeks

As a man with a purpose and a man on a mission, a mission to lose weight and take control of my life. I have weighed today to find that I am now 7.27 pounds down. How do I feel for this? Like a new guy! I am starting to see some light ab definition and my confidence is increasing as the weight drops like there is no tomorrow. Weight loss should be a straight, easy and linear journey if you have the will and you have the power.

MyFitnessPal 7lbs Down
MyFitnessPal 7lbs Down

It is power of mind that will push you forward and allow you to achieve your whims and desires. My discipline has allowed me to stick to my plan and follow my path. My journey is to lose the fat and achieve the aesthetics I desire. This is not a journey for those who lack discipline and desire. Desire is what will allow you to lose fat and gain your freedom. Freedom from food and fat!

This journey is a constant battle with food and a fight against hunger. Hunger will attack but I will prevail. I have fought back with low-calorie foods of abundance. It is these foods that have allowed me to feel satiated and safe during this time of weight loss. I do not call this quest a diet as diets are temporary and diets are for people with no will power or discipline.

Diets are something for those who lose 10 pounds and then gain back 10 pounds when they come off the diet. This is a journey and as I have said above I have a mission, a mission to lose weight and take control of my life. I do not know how long this journey will take but I will continue until I am happy with the results. When I can look in the mirror and be proud of what I have achieved, only then will I stop.

Has this journey been hard I hear you ask? In all honesty it has not. I have simply eaten less calories and have eaten foods of abundance. These are your foods that are high in nutrients, low in calories but filling on the stomach. These are mostly your vegetables and your fruits. Eat these in abundance with plenty of protein and you are on to a winner!

So, if you wish to look and feel like a new man (or woman) simply eat foods of abundance. Avoid the high energy ‘fun’ foods and stick to your purpose and mission. If your mission is to lose fat and look great, keep the desire burning and use this to thrust yourself forward. You never know, you may be happier for it (I know I am!).

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